ESR / PhD projects

ESR 1 -
In vitro models of the BBB and applications in pharmacological and toxicological screenings
ESR 2 -
In vitro models of the blood-brain and blood-CSF barriers using an integrated microfluidic device
ESR 3 -
Comparison of mouse and zebrafish cerebral endothelial cell transcriptomes and functional investigation of conserved pathways governing brain angiogenesis and BBB formation
ESR 4 -
Integrative meta-analysis of public and novel vertebrate BBB omics data and establishment of the BBBhub platform
ESR 5 -
Role of the orphan G-protein-coupled receptor Gpr126 signalling in the development of the blood-brain barrier
ESR 6 -
Age-induced changes in gene and microRNA expression at the mouse blood-brain barrier
ESR 7 -
Blood-brain barrier derived non-conding RNAs as functional biomarkers for the aging BBB versus the BBB in Alzheimer’s Disease
ESR 8 -
Brain endothelial mechanisms directing the cellular pathway of T cell migration across the BBB
ESR 9 -
Contribution of the BBB in amyloid-b biology in Alzheimer’s disease
ESR 10 -
Exploring CD4+ T cells as carriers to mediate transport of drugs across the blood-brain barrier
ESR 11 -
Role of different receptors in promoting pathogen and leukocyte migration across the BCSFB in meningitis
ESR 12 -
Molecular control of the human brain barriers in health and neuroinflammation